Lokey Male

Breed:Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Age: 10 weeks
Price: $560
Vaccination Up to Date
Potty Trained, Registration Papers
Veterinarian examination
Health certificate, Health guarantee
Pedigree, Travel crate

Meet Lokey, an adorable 10-week-old male Pembroke Welsh Corgi brimming with personality and charm. Lokey is a playful and spirited pup who loves nothing more than exploring his surroundings and engaging in fun-filled adventures. With his wagging tail and bright eyes, he’s always ready to greet you with boundless enthusiasm and affection. Lokey has a sweet and gentle nature, enjoying cuddle sessions and snuggling up close for warmth and comfort. Raised with love and care in our home, Lokey is in excellent health and has received all necessary vaccinations and deworming treatments. Whether you’re a seasoned corgi enthusiast or new to the breed, Lokey is sure to bring endless joy and happiness into your life as a beloved furry companion.